Batman Grand Heritage Costumes

By Batman | October 20th, 2016

If you are a huge fan of DC Comic's the Dark Knight, you will want to suit up in a high quality Batman movie costume. The Dark Knight movie costume, for example, features a professionally designed top, pants, satin cape, molded pieces, headpiece, tunic, shorts, belts, gloves, and boot tops. All pieces (with the exception of the cape, shirt and pants) are latex that tie into place. This year we have an updated version of the suit thanks to the new Batman V. Superman film. Manufactured by Rubies, the Dark Knight Grand Heritage costume and Dawn of Justice Batman Grand Heritage costume are both available but in limited quantities so don't wait till the last minute!  Check out today's low sale price and order today!

Official Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Dawn of Justice Batman Costume

The latest Grand Heritage edition of the brand new Batman's Dawn of Justice costume from the movie Batman vs Superman which premiered in March 2016! Ben Affleck's Batman will be back in the new Justice League of America movie coming soon!

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume Superman V Batman Dawn of Justice

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume

If you loved Batman's new armor battle suit in the movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you will want to suit up in this super deluxe Batman Armored Grand Heritage costume that looks like the one featured in the scene where he battles Superman!

Dark Knight Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Dark Knight's Batman Grand Heritage Costume

The extraordinary complete costume set includes a bodysuit, armor, gauntlets, belt, cape, boot covers and mask. Available in adult men sizes: medium, large, or extra large. Next Day or Two Day shipping available for this outfit.

Available in men size Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL) only. This is the ultimate Batman movie Halloween costume that will impress everyone when you go out. This theatrical quality Halloween movie costume is the officially licensed replica to what was featured in Batman The Dark Knight Rises movie franchise. Don't miss out on wearing the best Adult Batman at your next Halloween costume party! This movie quality Dark Knight costume is an officially licensed item from the summer movie blockbuster Batman The Dark Knight.

The Joker Grand Heritage Costume Sale

Grand Heritage Joker Costume

We can't forget about Heath Ledger's The Joker. If you need a movie quality Joker costume, we recommend this high quality Joker costume from the Grand Heritage collection.

Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume Cosplay

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

This is the new lower priced revised version of the super deluxe Dark Knight Rises costume. This super hero outfit is also part of the Grand Heritage Collection.

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

Batman Arkham City Costume

This super deluxe DC Comics costume is designed for true fans. Inspired by the Arkham City comics and video games, this stylized and complete Batman suit features a full latex costume with sculpted muscles and accessories. This ultimate super hero outfit will impress everyone on Halloween.

Collectors Movie Edition Batgirl Adult Costume

Adult Batgirl Movie Costume

If you are celebrating Halloween with your significant other, you can dress her up as Batgirl in this movie quality costume!

Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume for Men

Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume for Men

This deluxe Batman Halloween costume for men features a muscle chest Dark Knight jumpsuit with cape, face mask, belt, and boot tops. An officially licensed Dark Knight Rises costume is available in adult men sizes: medium (38-40), large (42-44), and X-Large (44-46).

60s Batman TV Costumes

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