Batman Movie Replica Costumes for Sale


Thanks to the new Batman movie, the Dark Knight’s popularity has made a comeback for Halloween! Just like Batman, Halloween returns for another season of fun so now’s the time to get your best ideal batsuit! The recent Batman movies and DC Comics superhero film and television series have brought the spotlight back on Gotham City’s Dark Knight. If you enjoyed watching the new Batman movies, the previous The Dark Knight movie trilogy, or the classics, we made a list of the best replica costumes and props from all the movies.  If you want to enhance your Batman Dark Knight costume for Halloween night, you can use some of these handheld prop replicas. Look through the costumes and accessories below for some great bargains! Check out the new super deluxe cosplay costumes from Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice or if you prefer the originals, there are even cosplay quality Batman TV character costumes!

Best Batman Costume Ideas from Movies and Television 2023

Adult Dark Knight Batman Costume

New Dark Knight Batman Costume

This is the new Dark Knight costume inspired from the Batman movie series! If you want a high-quality cosplay version of the Dark Knight costume, we recommend this epic outfit.

60's Adam West Batman Costume

1960s Batman Costume – Adam West

Inspired by Adam West’s Batman costume from the cult classic TV show Batman, this high quality 1966 Batman Grand Heritage costume will capture the attention of all Batman fans on Halloween.

Men's Dark Knight Joker Costume

Joker Cosplay Costume The Dark Knight

This is the newer version of the classic Joker costume from The Dark Knight made by Charades Costumes. This full outfit is made of 100% polyester velvet, poplin, & broadcloth. Available in men sizes: small (recommended for teens), medium, large, and extra large. Please click for additional details on accessories, costume and sizing.

Official Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Dark Knight Batman Costume (Grand Heritage Version)

This super deluxe Batman costume is currently hard to get so we have to search on eBay! This features a deluxe detailed bodysuit, armor, gauntlets, belt, cape, boot covers and latex mask. This is a very high quality movie costume that will impress your friends at your next cosplay event!

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Costume

2019 Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Costume

If you liked watching this year’s new Joker movie and Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, you will want to suit up in this Arthur Fleck’s Joker costume! If you need this quickly for Halloween, select Amazon Prime shipping for overnight or next day deliveries!

Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume Cosplay

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

This is the new updated Dark Knight Rises costume at a lower price. This Batman cosplay costume is also part of the Grand Heritage Collection by Rubies Costumes.

Official Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Dawn of Justice Batman Costume

This is the new Grand Heritage edition of Batman’s Dawn of Justice costume from the movie Batman vs Superman!

Collectors Movie Edition Batgirl Adult Costume

Adult Batgirl Movie Costume

If you enjoyed Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl in the 1997 movie Batman and Robin, you can dress up just like her in this authentic movie quality costume!

Bane Cosplay Movie Replica

Cosplay Quality Bane Costume

If you need a high quality Bane costume for a cosplay event, we recommend this new Bane cosplay costume inspired by the movie The Dark Knight Returns! This ensemble outfit not only includes Bane’s iconic coat, it includes his vest, combat pants, and face mask.

1997 Robin Movie Costume Chris O'Donnell

Ultra Supreme Edition Robin Movie Costume

This fantastic “Ultra Supreme Edition” Robin movie costume is designed after the suit Chris O’Donnel’s Robin wore in the 1997 film Batman and Robin (1997). This boy wonder costume is currently at special lower sale price! This Robin cosplay costume looks similar to Robin’s Nightwing costume so with some minor modifications, you can convert this outfit into Dick Grayson’s alter ego Nightwing!

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume Superman V Batman Dawn of Justice

Armored Batman Movie Costume

If you admired Batman’s new battle armor in the movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you will want to suit up in this super deluxe Batman Armored Grand Heritage costume that looks like the one featured in the scene where the Caped Crusader battles Superman!

Wonder WomanbGrand Heritage Dawn of Justice Costume

Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume

This cosplay quality costume is inspired by Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman featured in this year’s movie Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is from Rubie’s Grand Heritage collection which is known for their high quality hand sewn outfits.

The Joker Grand Heritage Costume Sale

Joker Grand Heritage Costume

An officially licensed Dark Knight Batman movie costume for fans who want a high quality costume at a reasonable price.

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

Collector’s Edition Batman Costume

This quality DC Comics costume is designed for true fans. This complete ultimate Batman suit features a full latex costume with sculpted muscles for the perfect heroic look. This style is designed like the batsuit in the popular Batman Arkham City games and comics.

1960s Penguin Costume

1960’s Penguin Costume

Remember Batman’s earliest foes, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot? You can dress up as the original Penguin villain played by Burgess Meredith in the original 1960’s Batman TV series. This includes the Penguin’s iconic hat, jacket with vest and bow tie, black pants with spats, and gloves.

Classic 1966 Joker Costume

1960’s The Joker Costume

This costume is inspired by Cesar Romero’s Joker from the original campy 1966 Batman TV series! This is a high quality Grand Heritage costume from Rubie’s.

1966 Classic Catwoman Television

Original Catwoman Costume

This 60’s Catwoman costume replica from the classic 1966 Batman television show. You can play homage to original sexy feline character actresses Eartha Kitt & Julie Newmar in this retro catsuit.

1966 Riddler Costume

Original Riddler Costume

Who can forget the classic Riddler character played by actor Frank Gorshin in the original Batman TV program. Now you have the chance to dress up like him for Halloween in this high quality Grand Heritage costume replica edition.

Classic 60s Robin Costume

Original Robin Costume

Play homage to Batman’s original sidekick Dick Grayson ala Robin the Boy Wonder from the classic 1960’s television series Batman.

Browse through these great Batman related products. If you want to look incredible for next Halloween or comic book convention, get these excellent quality movie style accessories to enhance the look of your costume. Impress everyone by the amazing quality of your super hero costume!