Joker Wigs for Sale


Complete your Joker’s costume for Halloween with a Joker’s green wig. We found different styles of Joker wigs for a variety of different types of Joker costumes and cosplay outfits. You can recreate your favorite version of the Joker played by your favorite actors like Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad), or Joaquin Phoenix (The Joker 2019). You can also shop for Joker’s makeup kits set to replicate the clown makeup featured in the movies.

Heath Ledger Deluxe Joker Make up Kit with Wig

Deluxe Joker Make up Kit and Wig Set

If you want to dress up like Heath Ledger’s Joker from the Dark Knight, try this deluxe Joker make up kit with bonus green wig! Includes Joker mouth scars and face adhesive to enhance your makeup that sinister clown look! Disguise yourself as Batman’s nemesis for Halloween! Special low price and cheap shipping offer!

Suicide Squad Joker Wig

Suicide Squad Joker Wig

In the Suicide Squad movie, Jared Leto made headlines for his portrayal of the Joker. If you want to mimic his version of the Joker, you’ll need his trademark neon green wig from the movie to complete your Suicide Squad Joker costume!

Evil Maniac Green Wig for Adults

Stylish Joker Wig

If you prefer a bigger, more maniacal style Joker wig, we recommend this one for your Joker cosplay outfit.

Arkham Asylum Joker Kit

Arkham Asylum Joker Wig Kit

This Arkham Asylum kit includes the character’s green wig, white gloves, and squirting flower accessory that will help you complete your Joker Arkham Asylum costume. Makeup sold separately.

Halloween The Joker Adult Wig for sale

The Joker Adult Wig

Enhance your Dark Knight’s Joker costume with this adult size green wig. This Halloween character wig is an officially licensed Batman Dark Knight accessory.

Batman Dark Knight Child Joker 3/4 Vinyl Mask with Hair

Child Joker Mask

If your child doesn’t want to bother with applying makeup and hair color, we recommend this kid Joker Halloween mask based on the villain from the movie The Dark Knight.

Also check out these cool Dark Knight Joker costumes for men and children!

Child Joker Boy Costumes for Sale

Child Joker

The Joker Adult Men Costumes for Sale

Adult Joker

The character The Joker has been Batman’s notorious arch nemesis for many years in the movies, television series, animated cartoons, and comic book. Many famous celebrities have played this super villain. The Joker first appeared in DC Comic’s Batman #1. He’s the first villain to appear in the main Batman comic book in 1940. From that point, the Joker became a popular recurring villain in the Batman franchise for over the past seventy years. Its not a big surprise that the Joker has become one of the most popular Halloween costume character for the past few Halloween seasons. Now you can buy an assortment of costumes, masks, makeup, and wigs to disguise yourself as Batman’s greatest nemesis.