Joker Makeup Kit for Sale


Transform your face into the Joker this Halloween with a quality makeup kit. Do you want to apply the same gruesome clown makeup that Heath Ledger’s Joker character wore on his face in the movie Batman The Dark Knight? Or recreate Jared Leto’s latest version of Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. The official licensed Joker face makeup kit for either Suicide Squad or Dark Knight are available for Halloween. The Joker make up kit accessory includes one tube water washable white cream makeup, one tube water washable green hair color with applicator comb, one small black makeup stick, one large red makeup stick, mouth scars and face adhesive. Mehron has also released their own professional makeup kit that works well.

Mehron Evil Joker Villain Makeup Kit

Mehron’s Evil Joker Villain Makeup Kit

Mehron is one of the top costume makeup companies so if you want a more professional Joker makeup kit for Halloween, you should get this “Evil J Villain” Makeup Kit which contains an easy step-by-step visual guide/instruction that helps beginners apply on their makeup!

Evil Maniac Green Wig for Adults

Crazy Joker Wig

If you prefer a bigger, crazier Joker wig, we suggest this stylish one for your Joker cosplay outfit.

Arkham Asylum Joker Kit

Arkham Asylum Joker Kit

This kit includes the green wig, white gloves, and squirting flower accessories that will help you complete your Joker Arkham Asylum costume. Makeup sold separately.

Deluxe Joker Make up Kit and Joker Wig

Dark Knight’s Joker Makeup Kit with Wig

This officially licensed deluxe Joker makeup kit which also includes Joker’s green wig for a great bargain! This kit also includes mouth scars and face adhesive so you can make yourself into the ultimate scary Batman villain. A wonderful Halloween makeup set at a great low price!

Suicide Squad Joker Makeup Kit

Suicide Squad Joker Makeup Kit

You can make yourself up as the latest version of the Joker played by Jared Leto in the Suicide Squad movie with this makeup kit. You can recreate the subtle details with this kit which includes makeup crayons, foam applicators, palette of grease makeup, white cream, and two temporary tattoos (“damaged” and “J” face tattoo designs).

Halloween Joker Makeup Kit

Dark Knight’s Basic Joker Makeup Kit

If you need an affordable make up kit to recreate Joker’s face makeup like in the movie The Dark Knight, this basic make up kit will do the job. This kit comes with a tube of white cream makeup, green hair color, facial adhesive, mouth scars, applicators, black and red makeup crayons! For kids or adults.

We hope you were able to successfully shop for your Joker makeup kit. If you decide not to try making yourself up, you can go with a deluxe Joker mask, which is available in both child and adult sizes. Check our menu to find these face disguises.