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Harley Quinn Costume IdeasWith next day shipping, you still have time to find your ideal Harley outfit for Halloween night! One of the most infamous Gotham City villainess is Harley Quinn. We were first introduced to Batman's sinister nemesis when she debuted as the Joker's sidekick in the 1990's cartoon series: Batman The Animated Series. Today, this eccentric but deadly villainess is even more popular with Cosplay fans due to the movie Suicide Squad featuring the latest reincarnation of this iconic character. If you aren't familiar with the Harley Quinn, she is Batman's most nefarious female villain who is also known as the "female Joker" because she Joker's partner in crime in many comic book and animated television story lines. She is also popular in the Batman Arkham Asylum video games. These different book incarnations which inspired numerous styles of creative outfits, including the one featured in the movie Suicide Squad, which make them fun to wear at Cosplay events, comic book conventions, character parties, and Halloween!

Popular Harley Quinn Costume Ideas

Batman's Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Sale

Original Harley Quinn Costume

Inspired by the classic comic book character, this original Harley Halloween costume features her trademark red/black harlequin design jumpsuit, red/black boot covers, white collar, black eye mask, headpiece and gloves. Now also available in size large & XL for adult women.

Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume for Full Figure Women

Plus Size Harley Quinn Dress

Full figure ladies can also enjoy dressing up as Batman's sexy nemesis, the Harley Quinn, for Halloween. This plus size female Joker costume features an attractive red and black dress with ruffle trim, matching pair of red and white stockings, glovelets, a black eye mask, and a harlequin headpiece. These sell out quickly so don't wait too long.

DC Superhero Girls Harley

Kids DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn

Back in stock (limited quantities left) is the popular deluxe child Harley costume inspired by the popular DC Superhero Girls series. It includes the red & black shirt, blue shorts with leggings, and black face mask. These have been selling out quickly so get one while you can!

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn DC Comics

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn

From Secret Wishes, this Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume is inspired by the Batman video game. It features an updated sexy dress design with matching gauntlets and leggings. Available in women sizes x-small to large.

Child Harley Quinn Jumpsuit Costume

Child's Original Harley Quinn Jumpsuit

This exclusive costume from Halloween Costumes finally makes the popular original Harley Quinn jumpsuit available for kids! Now girls have a chance to dress up like the classic Harley character from the original animated series and comic books from the '90s!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

This is the new official Suicide Squad costume inspired by the movie starring actress Margot Robbie as the modern big screen version of the infamous character. This deluxe set includes the jacket with "Daddy's Lil Monster" shirt top, blue/red shorts, belt, and fishnet tights. Order one now for Halloween before it goes out of stock again!

Kids Harley Quinn Dress Costume

Kids DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Dress Costume

If your little one is a fan of the new cartoon series DC Superhero Girls, she will want to dress up in this kids Superhero Girls Harley dress which includes hooded dress, foam belt, wrist cuff, and eye mask.

Sexy Harley Quinn Dress Hat

Sexy Harley Dress

This special three piece Harley outfit includes a long sleeve black & red mini dress with white ruffled collar, mask, and big jester hat with bells. Women Sizes Small/Medium, Medium/Large, or X-Large (XL).

Secret Wishes Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume - Halloween Sale

Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

This hot Arkham City Harley Quinn Halloween costume includes a stylish faux leather corset/vest, matching red/black pants, belt, glovelettes, and choker. Available in x-small to large women sizes.

Suicide Squad Swat Mallet

Suicide Squad Mallet

Suicide Squad Good Night Bat

Suicide Squad Bat

Teen Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Teen Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

This is the new teen size Harley Quinn costume which includes a cute harlequin red/black color design dress with matching glovelettes, leggings, eye mask, and headpiece. Fits teenage girls: junior size small or medium.


Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn Costume

Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn Costume

This new nurse Harley Quinn dress is inspired by her character in Batman Arkham Asylum. This officially licensed women's nurse outfit includes the skirt, top, glovelets, belt, choker, eyemask, and headpiece.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit

You can recreate Margot Robbie's appearance from the film Suicide Squad with this official Suicide Squad's makeup kit for her infamous movie character.

Child Harley Quinn Costume for Girls

Child Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

This is the new girls Harley Quinn child costume for this Halloween season! Now girls can dress up as the colorful comic book character! This outfit features an eye mask, black/red tutu dress, glovelettes; and headpiece.

Harley Jester Costume

Harley Jester Costume

A new sexy red and black jester dress costume which is available in women sizes X-Small to X-Large (XL). Black eye mask, glovelettes, and red & black stockings are included.

1x 4x Harley Quinn Costume

Full Figure 1X-4X Harley Costume

If you need extra comfort, this stylish sassy Harley Jester costume is available in sizes 1X/2X or 3X/4X. This full figure Harley Quinn inspired costume is very popular during the Halloween season so buy it while it is still in stock.

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Costume

If you are looking for a sexy harlequin outfit at a fair price for Halloween, you will want to buy this sexy Harley Quinn costume for women. Dress sizes: Extra Small (0-2), Small (2-6), Medium (6-10), Large (10-14). Older teens will be able to wear size Extra Small.

Girls Child Harley Quinn Dress

Girl's Harley Quinn Dress

This recently released outfit is a new design for 2016 so if you want your child to have her own unique child Harley costume, you will want to get this for Halloween. This eye catching vinyl dress includes shimmering metallic red and black colors, white collar, petticoat, ruffle sleeve cuffs, horn headband, and black eye mask!

Leg Avenue's Joker Woman Costume

Leg Avenue's Joker Woman Dress

If you need the perfect dress for your female Joker Halloween costume, we recommend this classic style Joker dress!

Leg Avenue's Joker Woman Costume

Female Joker Outfit

This is Leg Avenue's twisted version of the female Joker costume, featuring a jacket with a satin shirt and vest decorated with buttons and a bow tie. And a pair of striped stretch pants with an elastic wig. Available in sizes x-small to large for women.

Lethal Beauty - Poison

Lethal Beauty Poison Ivy Costume

Lethal Beauty describes the red headed vixen Poison Ivy who later becomes one of Harley Quinn's good friends. This outfit features an adjustable green dress, mask, glovelettes, and printed leggings. Also included is the detachable train. Also available in plus size for full figure women. Click to see details.

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For this Halloween season, female Batman fans have several choices on new different designs and styles of the female Joker Halloween costumes to choose from if they are shopping for a discount Batman's Harley Quinn costume on sale. We have found the best female Harlequin costumes available for sale online. Check out the brand new sexier versions of the Harley Quinn Halloween costume! Some of these beautiful women costumes are available in plus size for full figure women or x-small for teenage girls.


The super villain Harley Quinn has been Batman's female nemesis for years. Originally, instead of starting as a character from DC comics, she actually debuted as a minor character in an animated Batman TV series in the 1992. The creators did not expect any big reactions. However, the character and her iconic red, black, and white harlequin outfit was an instant hit with viewers, becoming a favorite villain in the series. After her character gained popularity with the audience and fans, the creators eventually spun off Harley Quinn into her own graphic novel Mad Love and later into her own comic book series. Today you will see different variations of the Harley Quinn in videogames, animated television, and comic books. If you couldn't find the female Joker costume or Halloween outfit you are looking for, you should check out these other female villain and super hero Halloween costumes on sale.