Batman Begins Scarecrow Masks for Sale


If you prefer the original predecessor to the movie The Dark Knight, these costumes will satisfy your search for the original Gotham City superhero Halloween costumes inspired by Christopher Nolan’s original 2005 Batman Begins movie, featuring the Scarecrow as the movie’s villain. Most of these costumes are currently out of production so buy them while you can before they go out of stock forever!

Batman Begins Scarecrow Halloween Mask

Scarecrow Mask

This is Batman’s nemesis the Scarecrow mask that was inspired by the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. One size fits most.

After the failure of Batman and Robin in 1997, the movie studios were able to resurrect the Batman franchise with the help of director Christopher Nolan. The director wrote a more serious darker tone screenplay which incorporated elements from storylines form Batman Year One, The Man Who Falls, and The Long Halloween. He focused on Bruce Wayne’s origin story dealing with the murder of his parents, his childhood fear of bats, and how he ultimately became Batman. In this first installment of the reboot, Batman battles villains Ra’s al Ghul and the Scarecrow, defending Gotham City from the underworld. On June 15, 2005, the movie was released with positive reviews from both fans and critics. The film eventually made over $374 million worldwide, leading to two more sequels in the future.