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Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Batman Dark Knight Costume SaleIn the movie The Flash, the original cinematic Batman (Michael Keaton) has returned to the big screen just in time for Halloween this year! Lucky for you, there are several versions of Batman so you have a wide variety of choices in terms of costume style! The latest Batman movies in the past few years has brought in a new generation of young fans who are ready to celebrate this dark knight by suiting up as him! But kids will find any excuse to suit up as the dark knight! Batman costumes can be worn at many types of occasions such as birthday parties, cosplay, or other fun children events. Your child is most likely a huge fan of The Dark Knight movie trilogy and he wants to disguise himself like his favorite bat hero of Gotham City. With the success of the new Batman Vs. Superman movie this year, the cape crusader will once again be the hero that children will want to be, especially on Halloween. If your son’s birthday is coming up, you can have a exciting Batman theme party with Batman character super hero outfits. Here are some fantastic bargains on children Batman Halloween costumes based on many of the popular Batman movies.

The Best Kid Batman Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

Kid Michael Keaton's Batman Costume

Michael Keaton’s Batman Costume for Kids

Michael Keaton returned as the original movie Batman in The Flash movie. Now your kids can suit up just like the original Batman for Halloween!

Kid The Batman 2022 Costume

Kid’s The Batman Costume

If your child likes the newest version of the Cape Crusader in the new 2022 The Batman movie, he’ll enjoy suiting up in this Halloween costume for children!

Deluxe Toddler Batman Costume

Deluxe Toddler Batman Costume for Kids

Your little one can suit up to become the dark knight superhero of Gotham City! This outfit includes a full-body jumpsuit with a molded muscle chest to give him that extra heroic look! Available in sizes Toddler, 2T, and Small for boys. Click to read size details.

The Dark Knight Rises Child Batman Light-Up Costume

Deluxe Dark Knight Costume for Kids

This deluxe version of the Batman costume features a detailed molded muscle chest to give your kid that extra superhero look for Halloween. Available in boy sizes small to large.

The Dark Knight Rises Child Batman Light-Up Costume

Light-Up Batman Costume for Kids

This popular boy’s Dark Knight Rises costume includes a special Batman jumpsuit with light-up bat emblem, cape, belt, and headpiece.

Tween Batman Costume

Tween Batman Costume

Inspired by the latest Justice League and Batman films, this is the tween size Batman costume for older kids. Tweens are typically kids around the ages of 11-13. Click to check details on size measurements.

Child Batman Lego Movie Prestige Costume

Kid Batman Lego Movie Prestige Costume

The official Lego Batman costume for kids! This child version of the Lego superhero is the prestige version! This includes the mask, foam toroso, cape, foam shaped pants and gloves.

Deluxe Child Dawn of Justice Batman Costume

Deluxe Child Batman Justice League Costume

This costume design is based on the new Justice League movies. Battle the villains this great deluxe Batman costume for kids!

Armored Batman Dawn of Justice Costume

Child Deluxe Armored Batman Costume

Your child can suit up like Armored Batman to battle Superman for Halloween! This is an official deluxe costume for kids from the Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie.

Dark Knight Rises Kid Batman Costume with Muscle Chest

Child Deluxe Dark Knight Costume

This deluxe version costume of the Dark Knight is the best quality kid Batman costume this year. The black jumpsuit features a soft padded muscle chest that gives a more impressive heroic look. It also includes headpiece, boot covers, cape and belt. Check out today’s special low sale price.

DC Comics Batman Costume for Kids

Deluxe Kids DC Comics Batman Costume

This is a new stylish DC Comics Deluxe Batman costume for kids!

Tween Batman Halloween Costume Dark Knight

Tween Batman Halloween Costume

Tween is an age group for kids on verge of being a teenager. So if your son is in this group, we recommend this officially licensed Dark Knight costume includes the Batman jumpsuit, face mask, and cape.

Infant Batman Halloween Costume

Toddler Batman Costume

This Halloween costume for either babies or toddlers includes headpiece, cape that is removable and inner leg snap closure romper. Available in size Toddler 2T-4T (1-2 year old).

Child Batman Mask

Child Batman Mask

This is the official kid Batman cowl from the Dark Knight movies. This is a full size shaped mask for boys.

Super Hero (Black) Adult Boots

Child Batman Boots

Most Halloween costumes only come with shoe covers so if you want to get your real super hero black boots for your kid’s Batman costume, we suggest a pair of these quality black boots for kids.

DC Comics Core Batman Child Costume

Kid DC Comics Core Batman Costume

Your child can dress up as the hero for Halloween night in this new official DC Comics Core Batman costume for kids. It includes a deluxe detailed jumpsuit with muscle padding, 3D gauntlets, boot tops, and cape.

Muscle Chest Batman Costume for Boy

Muscle Chest Grey Batman Costume for Kids

If your child prefers the more traditional comic book costume for Batman, we recommend this grey Batman costume for kids which features a muscle chest to give him that extra super hero look. This costume also includes a Batman mask/headpiece, grey jumpsuit, belt, boot tops and cape. An officially license Batman costume.

Infant Newborn Batman Costume

Newborn Infant Batman Onesie

If you need a Dark Knight costume for your adorable little one, this Batman Onesie will be a great fit for Halloween! Available in either newborn size 0-6 months or infant size 6-12 months.

Child Batman Gloves Kid Dark Knight Rises Gauntlets

Child Batman Gloves

These new child The Dark Knight Rises Batman gauntlets are comfortable for your child to wear with their official Batman costume.

Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook

Batman is known for his creative gadgets. Your child can get the hook on villains with this 3 prong grappling hook which measures 8″ long and includes a soft molded handle.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Child Belt

Child Batman Utility Belt

This is the official Batman utility belt from the Dark Knight Rises movie for kids.

Child Kid Batman Gloves Dark Knight Gauntlets

Kids Batman Glove Gauntlets

Add gloves and enhance your child’s Batman Dark Knight costume for Halloween night with these pair of gloves designed like Batman gauntlets.

Deluxe Batgirl Child Girl Costume

Deluxe Batgirl Costume

Girl’s can also dress up as the Dark Knight in this Batgirl Halloween costume. This deluxe outfit fits child dress sizes small 4-6, medium 8-10, or large 12-14.

If you are looking for other Dark Knight Halloween costumes, remember to check out our other pages for more outfits. The super hero Batman has been a popular pop culture icon in the United States for almost 70 years. The cape crusader was introduced to the public in the comics in 1939. This super hero was so popular with comic book readers that after his initial appearance, he was published in his own comic book series in 1940. From that point on, Batman’s popularity with kids and even adult comic book fans flourished. During the 1960s, a television series based on Batman and his sidekick Robin was produced and lasted for three seasons. At that time, many of Batman’s favorite and notorious comic book heroes and super villains made appearances on the TV show, including The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, and even Batgirl. Batman made a big impact on the movie screens during the late Eighties with Tim Burton directing Michael Keaton in a new version of Batman. Then in 2005, Batman once again was revitalized on the silver screen in Batman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan who also later directed the Batman sequel The Dark Knight in 2008 then final movie The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. A new Batman returned in Zack Snyder’s DC Comic Movies like Batman Vs Superman and Justice League. And once again Batman returns again on the big screen in 2022 this time played by actor Robert Pattinson!

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