Adult Batman Costumes Ideas


This year Michael Keaton made an epic return as Batman in the Flash movie! For Halloween this year, you can shop for Michael Keaton’s Batman costume or a variety of other Caped Crusader costume designs from other popular Batman movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, Batman V Superman, and Justice League.  These outfits are available in the either the affordable standard version or the deluxe version which features a muscle chest pad attached to a dark jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt.  If you are looking something more theatrical, visit this page for the awesome Grand Heritage Collection Batman The Dark Knight costume for sale! Here is a list of outfits that will give you some good Batman Halloween costume ideas for men.

Best Batman Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

Michael Keaton Batman Costume Flash Movie

Michael Keaton’s Batman Costume

If you enjoyed Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in the movie Flash, you will want to suit up at the classic Caped Crusader!

Robert Pattinson The Batman 2022 Costume

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman 2022 Costume

This costume is inspired by The Batman 2022 movie featuring Robert Pattinson as the newest but darker version of Bruce Wayne. This time he teams up with Catwoman to fight The Riddler. Available in standard or x-large men sizes.

Adult Dark Knight Batman Costume

New Dark Knight Batman Costume

This is the new Dark Knight costume inspired from the Batman movie series! If you want a high quality cosplay version of the Dark Knight costume, we recommend this epic outfit.

Premium Classic Batman Costume

Premium Comic Book Style Batman Costume

If you prefer the classic comic book character designs of the original Batman, you will want to suit up in this premium quality iconic Batman uniform!

Deluxe Mens Batman vs Superman Costume

Adult Deluxe Batman Dawn of Justice Costume

Inspired by Zack Synder’s new epic film Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, this deluxe Batman costume features the super hero’s iconic jumpsuit, belt, cape, boot tops and mask. If you like Ben Affleck’s latest version of the new darker Batman, this outfit is perfect for you. Battle Lex Luthor and Superman for Halloween!

Deluxe Dark Knight Adult Man Batman Costume Sale

Deluxe Batman Dark Knight Costume

This adult Batman Halloween costume includes a deluxe muscle chest jumpsuit with cape, face mask, belt and boot tops. An officially licensed Dark Knight Batman product. Available in men sizes: medium (38-40), large (42-44), and X-Large (44-46).

Womens Premium Batman Arkham Knight Costume

Premium Batwoman Costume

Move over Batman, Batwoman is here! If you want to suit up in a more feminine version of the Batman Arkham costume, we recommend this premium quality Batwoman costume! This unique costume is new for this Halloween season!

Armoured Batman

Armored Batman Costume

Suit up like Batman in this deluxe armored costume like you saw in the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie! Available in adult men sizes 42″ and 46″.

60's Adam West Batman Costume

1960s Batman Costume

Inspired by Adam West’s Batman costume from the cult classic TV show Batman, this high quality 1966 Batman Grand Heritage costume will capture the attention of all Batman fans on Halloween.

Deluxe Mens Dawn of Justice Superman Costume

Adult Deluxe Superman Costume

The Dark Knight battles his new rival the Man of Steel in the latest Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This deluxe men’s costume is inspired by the new film. If you want to suit up like the Krytonian super hero, you recommend this deluxe Man of Steel costume for adult men.

Adult Batman Mask

Adult Batman Mask

This is a full latex mask of Batman’s cowl with molded details.

Deluxe Batman Plus Size Men Costume

Plus Size Batman Costume

This is the deluxe version of the Dark Knight Rises Batman costume in plus size: 44-50 This enhanced version features a muscle chest top, pants, face mask, belt, and cape.

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume Superman V Batman Dawn of Justice

Armored Batman Grand Heritage Costume

If you loved Batman’s new armor battle suit in the movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you will want to suit up in this super deluxe Batman Armored Grand Heritage costume that looks like the one featured in the scene where he battles Superman!

Official Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Dawn of Justice Batman

This is newest Grand Heritage edition of Batman’s Dawn of Justice costume from the movie Batman V. Superman which premiered in March 2016! Ben Affleck’s Batman will be back in the new Justice League of America movie coming soon!

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume Set

Collector’s Edition Arkham City Batman

This super deluxe Arkham Batman suit is a movie quality costume set that will impress any Batman fan.

Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume Cosplay

The Dark Knight Rises Batman

This is the newest revised version of the super deluxe Dark Knight costume available at a lower price. This super hero outfit is also part of the Grand Heritage Collection.

Adult Batman Arkham Knight Costume

Adult Batman Arkham Knight

Inspired by the new video game, this Arkham Knight’s Batman costume features a padded muscle chest, mask and belt. Men sizes small to x-large.

Super Hero (Black) Adult Boots

Black Men Boots

These black boots for adult men go well with any matching super hero costumes like Batman Dark Knight. Available in men shoe sizes 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and X-Large 14.

Batman Gloves from The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises Gauntlets

This is a comfortable pair of adult Batman gloves (gauntlets).

Deluxe Kid Batman Halloween Costumes

Kid Deluxe Batman Costume

This is the child version of the Dark Knight Rises Batman muscle costume available in toddler and boys sizes small to large.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Adult Mask

Economy Dark Knight Mask

Designed in the style of Batman’s mask from The Dark Knight Rises movie, this is good quality plastic face mask for it’s affordable price. This size fits adults and older kids.

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