Batman’s Harvey Dent Two Face Halloween Costumes


In Gotham City, Batman's infamous nemesis Two-Face was originally a distinguish and handsome district attorney named Harvey Dent. This once popular DA was known for his clean-cut public persona by the citizens of Gotham City. In the comic books, a mob boss throws acid on Harvey during a criminal trial, hideously disfiguring Harvey's left side, making half of his face grotesque. We found some great Two-Face costumes if you need one for Cosplay or Halloween. If you need a villain costume this season, here are some Harvey Dent Two-Face Halloween costume ideas.

Child Two Face Costume for Kids

Child Two Face Costume for Kids

This is the official Child Two Face/Harvey Dent costume for kids. This boy's costume features a black and white jacket with shirt and tie, black and white pants, coin, and half mask. This costume sells out quickly for Halloween so buy this one while it's still in stock!

Batman Two Face Men's Plus Size Costume

Adult Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

This is the official Two Face costume which includes the black and white jacket and matching pants as well as Harvey Dent's scarred half face mask. Available for standard size or plus size men.

Comic Book Two Face Halloween Costume - Harvey Dent

Two-Face Halloween Costume for Men

If you want a costume that will show off your split personality, you will want to buy this dual color jacket and pants set for Harvey Dent's character 2 Face from the Batman comics! This outfit also includes a split color red/black neck tie. Makeup and mask are sold separately.

Batman Two Face Mask

Batman's Two Face Mask

If you don't have time to apply character make-up for Halloween, you will want this Two Face Halloween mask. An official DC Comics Rogues Gallery product. Pair this up with a Harvey Dent suit to make your costume complete!

In the movie The Dark Knight, the story-line was different where the Joker ties up Harvey, played by actor Aaron Eckhart, and when Batman attempts to save Harvey, an explosion is set off where half of Harvey is burnt, disfiguring him. Both tragedies leave Dent traumatized, mentally disturbing him into insanity, blaming Batman for his condition. Harvey carries around a coin that he flips to determine whether he will do a good or evil deed.

60s Batman TV Costumes

Harvey Two-Face was created by Bob Kane in 1942 where he debuted the character in Detective Comics #77. Before his transformation into the infamous villain, he started as clean cut District Attorney Harvey Kent (which was later turned to Dent so readers would not think he is related to Superman). He was prosecuting a trial against Mob Boss Moroni who thought Harvey was to blame for his father's death so he throws acid at Harvey's face in an act of vengeance. This attack drives Harvey insane, dropping his heroic loving persona into an evil criminal. He later takes Moroni's lucky coin and uses it to decide to let fate decide how he will act. Harvey adopts his new criminal profile, Harvey Two-Face to commit havoc among Gotham City and its citizens.