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Batgirl Costume IdeasThis Halloween season don’t let the guys have all the fun when it comes dressing up as Gotham City’s hero. Thanks to a variety of different feminine dark knight costumes, girls can also join the Batman cosplay phenomenon!  The Halloween season has plenty of feminine superhero Batgirl costumes for you to choose from such as the new Batwoman costume! You can dress up as your own female version of the cape crusader by disguising yourself as the beautiful Batgirl! Turn heads and take attention away from Batman when you walk into a Halloween party this season. You’ll get plenty of treats wearing this disguise on Halloween night! If you have a significant other, dress him up as Robin and go as a couple! If you like the classic TV series and want to be nostalgic for Halloween, you will love Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl costume inspired by the original iconic 1960s Batman television show.

Best Batgirl Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Collectors Movie Edition Batgirl Adult Costume

Movie Batgirl Woman Costume (Alicia Silverstone Version)

Want to buy a superior quality Batgirl costume? This deluxe movie costume includes full leotard, corset, cape, boot tops, eye mask, gloves and shoulder pieces. An officially licensed Batman costume based on Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl from the 1997 Batman and Robin movie directed by Joel Schumacher. Click for more up to date details.

Batgirl Halloween Costume

Batgirl Halloween Costume

If a movie quality cosplay costume is beyond your budget, you can suit up in this affordable Batgirl costume for women. This well-designed outfit is both sexy and comfortable for Halloween. It includes the black Batgirl dress with the iconic bat logo, face mask, cape, gold gauntlets, and belt. All you need to add is a sexy pair of black boots to complete this outfit!

1966 Batgirl Costume

Retro Batgirl Costume from the ’60s TV Series

The real fans of the classic Caped Crusader still love the original Batgirl! We recommend the nostalgic Batgirl costume is inspired by the original Batgirl outfit in the classic Batman TV show from the 1960s, featuring the late actress Yvonne Craig as the female caped crusader. This deluxe outfit includes her iconic purple jumpsuit, headpiece, gloves, yellow belt and cape.

Premium Women's Batgirl Costume

Women’s Premium Batgirl Costume

This is new premium quality Batgirl costume takes it’s inspiration on comic book writer Cameron Stewart’s Batgirl. This version of Batgirl sports a brilliant purple motocycle jacket style top with a zip-up front and yellow appliqued bat-symbol. This also includes a matching faux leather purple pants with zipper fly and metal snap. The yellow cape, gloves, and utility belt are also part of this premium ensemble outfit. Available in small, medium, large, and x-large women sizes.

Womens Premium Batman Arkham Knight Costume

Premium Batgirl Costume from Arkham Knight

Move over Batman, Batgirl is here! If you want to suit up in a more feminine version of the Batman Arkham costume, we recommend this premium quality Batgirl costume!

Womens Premium Batman Arkham Knight Costume

Adult Bat-Woman Costume

If you enjoyed the new Batwoman Television Series on The CW, you can suit up in her stylish uniform for this Halloween! You can also wear her red wig so you look just like the heroine on TV! This new outfit for 2020 features Batwoman’s jumpsuit with gauntlets, red cape, belt, and face mask.

Women's Deluxe DC Comics Batgirl Costume

Deluxe DC Comics Batgirl Costume

Check out this new outfit for this season! Be the first to suit up this attractive stylish Batgirl costume for adult women. This costume design is inspired by the character in the DC Comic Books. If you want a unique Batgirl costume for this Halloween, we recommend this super heroine outfit!

Batgirl Adult Woman Costume Dress

Deluxe Batgirl Adult Woman Costume

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon is ready to strut her stuff on Halloween! This hot deluxe woman costume includes black mini dress with the trademark bat logo, attached black cape, glovelets, black character eyemask, yellow vinyl belt, and black boot tops.

Batgirl Plus Costume

Plus Size Batgirl Woman Costume

With this newest size, full figure women can also dress up like Batgirl too. This full figure plus size Halloween costume include: Dress with attached cape, glovelets, vinyl mask, belt, boot tops.

Teen Batgirl Halloween Costume

Teen Batgirl Halloween Costume

This cute Batgirl Halloween costume dress for teenagers includes a black dress with bat logo on chest, cape, face mask, gauntlets, belt and boot tops. An officially licensed teen Batgirl Halloween costume based on the DC comics book character.

Adult Batgirl T-Shirt Costume Kit

Adult Batgirl T-Shirt Costume Kit

If you are looking for something simple but fun to wear on Halloween, this casual Batgirl costume kit features a stylish shirt, bat mask, and cape for sizes small to x-large.

Michael Keaton Batman Costume Flash Movie

Michael Keaton’s Batman Costume

If you’re going out with your significant other for Halloween, you can suit him up into this original Batman from 1989. Michael Keaton made his return as Batman in the movie Flash!

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