The Best Child Batgirl Costumes on Sale


Child Batgirl Halloween CostumesThis Halloween season, move over guys, Batman costumes are not just for the boys! As you know, girls can participate in the Cape Crusader superhero adventures by dressing up as their own Gotham City super heroine costume Batgirl or Batwoman! These cute Batgirl costumes for kids come in a wide variety of different colors and styles! Keep an eye out for the new DC Superhero Girls Batgirl, Lego Batgirl, and special limited pink color Batgirl costume on sale! Add a red wig to your black Batgirl outfit and become the new Batwoman! The original character is based on the comic book character Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, who helps Batman capture the villains terrorizing Gotham City. Check out the variety of different super heroine costumes inspired by the Batman movie and TV shows below.

The Best Batgirl Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Child DC Grey Batgirl Costume

Child DC Grey Batgirl Jumpsuit

Inspired by Batman’s costume in the DC Comics, this is the grey Batgirl jumpsuit for active kids. This detailed jumpsuit includes a bat shield emblem on the chest, molded fin gauntlets, shin guards, face mask, and removable cape.

Deluxe Batgirl Child Girl Costume

Deluxe Batgirl Child Costume

This girl’s Halloween costume is the officially licensed deluxe Batgirl costume for children. Available in dress sizes small 4-6, medium 8-10, and large 12-14.

Deluxe Kids Purple Batgirl Costume

Deluxe Purple Batman Costume

There’s a new bat in Gotham City! This is the new purple Batgirl Halloween costume for this season. This deluxe outfit features a purple jumpsuit with a bright yellow & black bat-symbol, yellow utility belt with the iconic bat-symbol, and matching bright yellow gloves.

Pink Batgirl Halloween Costume

Child Pink Batgirl Costume Dress

If your daughter prefers a more feminine looking Batgirl costume, this pretty pink costume dress will be the right choice. It features sparkles with sliver accented batman logo, belt, glovelettes, boot tops, mask and attached cape. Girl sizes range from toddler to medium child.

Child Batgirl Lego Movie  Costume

Deluxe Girls Batgirl Lego Costume

Inspired by the hit Lego movie, your child can dress up as Lego Gotham’s greatest heroine, Lego Batgirl! This is the deluxe version that will make your child look just like the character from the film!

velvet purple Batgirl Child Halloween Costume

Classic Batgirl Child Costume

If your child prefer the classic character from the comic book version, this pretty purple velvet Batgirl Halloween Costume for children will be your choice. This outfit features a purple jumpsuit with attached boot tops, yellow cape, gauntlets, belt and Batgirl headpiece. Available in girl sizes small, medium, and large.

Batgirl Tutu Child Costume

Child Batgirl Tutu Costume

This adorable Halloween costume is designed for young girls who want their Batgirl dress to have a tutu This cute female Dark Knight outfit also includes an eye mask, cape, and gauntlets. Available in girls size small 4-6x (waist 25-26″) and medium 8-10 (waist 27-30″).

Toddler Batgirl Halloween Costume

Toddler Batgirl Costume

Include your child in the Batman craze with this cute toddler size Batgirl costume for Halloween. Like the older child version, this outfit also includes the dress with attached cape, glovelets, face mask, bootcovers, and belt. Toddlers Size 2T-4T.

Kids Batgirl Sequin Costume

Child Batgirl Sequin Costume

This new super heroine costume for 2015 includes a black sequin dress with tutu and Batgirl logo, eye mask, belt, and cape. Available in sizes small or medium for girls.

Deluxe DC Comics Batgirl Costume for Girls

Kids DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Costume

This is the new DC Superhero Girls Batgirl costume for Halloween for kids!

Kid DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Costume

Deluxe DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Costume

This is the official child DC Superhero Girls Batgirl costume inspired by the hit animated TV series for girls!

Adult women and teenage sizes for the Batgirl costume are also available for sale by online sellers. If you want to see more Batgirl costume ideas, please check out those pages or use the search engine to find them.


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